Let’s Choose a Domain Name.

You can purchase & register a new domain for your website or you can transfer a domain you already own.

Create a New Domain

Purchasing a new domain will allow you to choose a location specific URL. Captivate your audience with an extra-catchy new name!

Transfer a Domain

If you have previously registered a domain else where we can help. You can use the search bar below to find and transfer it to us hassle free.

Why a Domain is important

At first glance, the perfect domain will grab the attention of visitors and potential customers. Also, it will let people know why your online and why they need your products or services.



.ca Starting at

$1.75 /Month

The perfect domain for canadian

companies or for catching the eye

of your canadian customers.

.com Starting at

$1.99 /Month

Choose the worlds most popular

domain. Command the attention

of visitors from around the world.

.org Starting at 

$2.29 /Month

Designate a url for your

organization that will be

recognized around the world.



.net Starting at 

$2.10 /Month

Expand and build your

network on the web with

this domain extension.

.blog Starting at

$3.75 /Month

Create an online space that

will make it easier for your

readers to connect with you.

.shop Starting at

$4.90 /Month

This extension is ideal for eCommerce,

it is also a great way to tell your visitors

what to expect from your website.